This is a List of all bakugan


List of Bakugan Battle Brawlers Bakugan

This is a list of all bakugan from Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

Name Main Attribute Highest G-power Special Ability
Alpha Hydranoid Darkus 730 Heavy Metal(Sold in new Vestroia)
Apollonir Pyrus 700
Bee Stiker Ventus 480
Blade Tigrerra Haos 700
Centipoid Sub-Terra 450

Hybrid Darkus

and Pyrus

550 Anime Only
Clayf Sub-Terra 700
Cycloid Sub-Terra 370
Delta Dragonoid Pyrus 670 Heavy Metal
Dragonoid Pyrus 660

Hybrid Pyrus

and Darkus

550 Anime Only
Dual Hydranoid Darkus 580 Heavy Metal
El Condor Ventus 480
Exedra Darkus 660
Falconeer Ventus 580
Fear Ripper Darkus 530
Fortress Pyrus 680
Frosch Aquos 660
Gargonoid Darkus 520
Gorem Sub-Terra 450
Griffon Pyrus 540
Hammer Gorem Sub-Terra 670

Hybrid Ventus

and Aquos

550 Anime Only
Harpus Ventus 650
Hydranoid Darkus 500
Hynoid Sub-Terra 360
Infinity Dragonoid


Infinity Core


1000 (anime)

Heavy Metal
Juggernoid Aquos 400
Lars Lion Haos 650
Laserman Darkus 580
Limulus Aquos 580
Manion Haos 500
Mantris Darkus 570
Monarus Ventus 590
Naga White/Darkus 660
Oberus Ventus 670
Perfect Dragonoid


Perfect Core

Infinite Anime Only
Preyas Aquos 520 Attribute/ G-power change

Preyas II:Angelo

and Diablo



720 (Angelo) 760 (Diablo) 2 in 1

Hybrid Haos

and Sub-Terra

550 Anime Only
Rattleoid Sub-Terra 530
Ravenoid Ventus 550
Reaper Darkus 550
Robotallian Haos 570
Saurus Sub-Terra 570
Serponoid Sub-Terra 470
Siege Aquos 580
Silent Naga


Silent Core

1000 Anime Only
Skyress Ventus 550 Jump
Stinglash Sub-Terra 510
Storm Skyress Ventus 650 Jump

hybrid Aquos

and Ventus

550 Anime Only
Tigrerra Haos 550
Tuskor Sub-Terra 530
Ultimate Dragonoid Pyrus 500 Anime Only
Tentaclear Haos 530
Terrorclaw Aquos 640

Hybrid Sub-Terra and Haos

550 Anime Only
Sirenoid Aquos 550
Warius Pyrus 600
Wavern White/ Haos 560
Wormquake Sub-Terra 600

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